January 2016

A bottle of Shine, or what to do when you don’t have the bottle!

When our friends at Mitre Agency called and asked if we knew anything about moonshine we figured something special was up.  Their client was bringing a new product to market but the bottle manufacturer hit a snag in supplying samples for artwork.  That's when PIX-US stepped in and created the perfect packaging for Copper Barrel Moonshine. We modeled the bottles, filled them with "white lightning" then applied the labels.  The resulting ads are as smooth as the real thing itself. Give us a call to discuss how PIX-US can present your products in ways you've never imagined. 336.854.0551...

The PIX-US Story

PIX-US serves clients across North America with handcrafted CG images for use in print, web and motion applications. Our work is a combination of technology and art. We can provide you with beautiful images that are photorealistic, and we save natural resources at the same time. We reduce your need to ship large heavy products that end up as waste along with the sets that were built for your project. We also eliminate the need for expensive locations, scouting time, and production costs associated with location photography. We are able to deliver a better result with more control. We approach our work from a background in studio and location photography but with an eye towards the future. Stunning Images PIX-US produces handcrafted CG imagery using your company's drawings, CAD files, photographs, or from our imagination. These are photorealistic images created to help you achieve your teams marketing goals. We create accurate models and textures and combine them with beautiful lighting and camera work; then our highly skilled post production team wraps it all in the final look. These images can be used for web, print, or collateral marketing. Visualizer Solutions We are able to help you with sophisticated technology for marketing your products with our VISUALIZER solutions. We can create interactive and virtual reality tools showcasing functionality and product attributes. These can be deployed by web, in-store or by mobile device. Please call us about these solutions or see a sample here. These projects can be large and complicated, PIX-US has the team, the experience, and the process to handle all phases of your project from image creation, to deployment, to hosting and management. We are able to produce your site in multiple languages and deploy to servers worldwide. Motion Video PIX-US can create video from any of our projects. We can show moving parts of a product, show products in a wonderful setting, or create an animation. With animation we can produce 360˚ views or changes in space and time. This work is perfect for TV commercials or product videos....

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