PIX-US Hires Wil Vaughn

PIX-US just added to its existing staff in three key areas: sales marketing and creative. Meet Wil Vaughn, our newest senior CGI artist.

Originally from Indianapolis, Wil was artistic while growing up. With 12 years of professional experience and a degree in architectural and engineering design from ITT, he brings a valuable skill set to PIX-US. “I thought I wanted to work at an architecture firm, but our final project at school was to do something in 3D, and I fell in love with it because you can easily undo things. Plus, the possibilities are endless,” Wil says.

Wil is looking forward to using his talents to expand the type of work in the PIX-US portfolio. “Every project is new and a chance to get creative,” he says. “Getting into this line of work was a no-brainer for me, and I’m thrilled to find a job like this in the U.S. and particularly in North Carolina. I really like the direction PIX-US is going and its level of experience in the industry.”

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