PIX-US Promotes Mandy Powers

PIX-US Promotes Mandy Powers

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Mandy Powers to project manager at PIX-US. In her new role, Mandy will oversee the workflow of our rapidly growing business. “I couldn’t be prouder of Mandy and the fact that she went after this position,” says Creative Director/co-owner Mark Wagoner. “She wrote an excellent proposal for streamlining the process that involved using new project management software. This is a big step up for her, and for PIX-US.”

As project manager, Mandy will oversee each aspect of every position, scheduling individual tasks and goals each day. “Everyone was really happy when they made the announcement. I think it’ll work well since we all already have a relationship,” Mandy says. “There are so many moving parts. No two jobs are the same. With the rate at which we’re growing, each image and animation we do is a whole new challenge. I’m using a different set of skills, talking more and thinking even harder about how we complete each project.”

Mandy, who graduated from photography school at Randolph Community College, has worked with PIX-US for three years. She most recently served as studio manager where she did a little of everything from serving as a digital tech to some light bookkeeping. “Letting go of the photography part of the job is a big change for me, but this new role is such a great fit. I like to see results,” Mandy says.

We sure like seeing the result of her hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your promotion, Mandy!

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