The Importance of Light

Lighting can make or break an image. On the surface that seems to be a pretty straight forward concept but when we expand on the idea there is much more to it.
Recently, we came across this article about Dan O’Brien who is an artist that worked on the lighting for the movie “Spies in Disguise”. He showed before and after examples of his work and how it changed the scene. It was a truly awesome way of showcasing how important good lighting is, and although these are in reference to his work with an animated movie this same concept can be applied to many art forms.


Our team tends to use a wide variety of lighting techniques depending on the product we are showcasing, the scene itself, and the feeling our client would like to evoke. But there are many other pieces that must come together to make a scene work, like design, propping, and camera angle. With the right combination of these we can create a feeling that will be cohesive and further emphasize our client’s product.


Here are a few examples from our image library.

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