Brief History: 80s Biggest Faux Pas

Brief History: 80s Biggest Faux Pas

Ruffled Fabric

Talk about fabric overload, ruffled skirts on every single piece of furniture, matching curtains, tablecloths, and more! Not to mention these fabrics were usually covered in the busiest floral patterns you could find. They say everything in moderation but that may have been thrown out the heavily decorated window in the 80s.

Vertical Blinds

This is a trend that has hung around for quite some time, probably because blinds are a pricey thing to fix, so in theory replacing one blind seems easier than the whole kit, but it never really seems to work out that way.

Memphis Design

The 80s was a time of bold decisions. The bright colors seen in legwarmers, workout unitards, and windbreakers were carried into home design. The bright colors and uniquely shaped furniture was one way to add a pop to a home.

Carpeted Bathrooms

This is a faux pas that needs no explanation- carpeted bathrooms. I don’t even know where to start with this one. The germs, the mildew, the smell, there is so much to consider. With that being said, I am deeming carpeted bathrooms as the 80’s biggest design faux pas!

Design trends are just that, trends! They come and go, then reinvent themselves and come back again! That is what makes fashion and design so much fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these trends became popular again in one way or another. But at the end of the day, I think we can all agree on one thing- no more carpeted bathrooms.