The Importance of Light

Lighting can make or break an image. On the surface that seems to be a pretty straight forward concept but when we expand on the idea there is much more to it.
Recently, we came across this article about Dan O’Brien who is an artist that worked on the lighting for the movie “Spies in Disguise”. He showed before and after examples of his work and how it changed the scene. It was a truly awesome way of showcasing how important good lighting is, and although these are in reference to his work with an animated movie this same concept can be applied to many art forms.


Our team tends to use a wide variety of lighting techniques depending on the product we are showcasing, the scene itself, and the feeling our client would like to evoke. But there are many other pieces that must come together to make a scene work, like design, propping, and camera angle. With the right combination of these we can create a feeling that will be cohesive and further emphasize our client’s product.


Here are a few examples from our image library.

Our Pantone Color of the Year Guesses!

If you didn’t know, Pantone is the place to go for all things color, there is anything you could imagine and then some in their books. Every year Pantone releases a Spring and Summer New York Fashion Week color pallet. For the past several years their “color of the year” has been one of the colors from that pallet. This year, 2019, the color was “living coral”. (image from https://designmodo.com/pantone-color-2019/) and the year before in 2018 was Ultra Violet.   [caption id="attachment_7601" align="alignright" width="247"] image from https://designmodo.com/pantone-color-2019/[/caption]                   Every year in excitement the PIX-US team tries to guess what the new color of the year will be, and this year we thought we would share our guesses with you!         Mark’s Guess: Saffron Reason: it has been a very popular color recently and it seems to pop up everywhere.     Eileen’s Guess: Biscay Green Reason: it is a mix of blue and green and follows a bright color scheme similar to the past couple of years.   James’ Guess: Brilliant White Reason: it would be a nice clean color to start the new decade with.   Kenzie’s Guess: Chive Reason: Chive is a darker and moody color which hasn’t been done in a while; and the moody/ jewel tone greens have been a big trend in the interior world recently.   Jolene’s Guess: Saffron Reason: Logically speaking, Pantone hasn’t done a yellow since 2009; and, this mustard tone has also gained a lot of popularity in both fashion and household décor colors.   Stewart’s Guess: Flame Scarlet Reason: his “favorite” color is red and hopes that it will make [big] a comeback.   Alison’s Guess: Sunlight Reason why: she has seen it used in clothing recently, and it is a happy color.   Those are our guesses, but what are yours?? Let us know!...

Spooky Halloween Treats!

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year, and in the past we have always done a special image to celebrate the spooky season, this year we had so much fun working on other projects that we ran out of time. Nevertheless we still wanted to do something fun and festive so instead of a CG image our team decided to do a Halloween bake-off. Let us know which one is your favorite!   Alison’s Halloween Fudge:     Chocolate layer: 1 ½ cups dark chocolate chips ½ can sweetened condensed milk 1 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons marshmallow cream 8 Halloween Oreo cookies broken into chunks White layer: 1 ½ cups white baking chips ½ can sweetened condensed milk 1 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons marshmallow cream Sprinkles Edible candy eyeballs Candy corn   Go to the store to get your ingredients (plan extra time as you will go to two different grocery stores and eventually end up at Hobby Lobby buying expensive sprinkles, because the grocery stores won’t have any related to Halloween. Reward yourself with a latte from Starbucks after finally finding your sprinkles. Pull out a saucepan and an 8x8 baking dish. Open all your ingredients and begin snacking on the candy corn… this will last the entire time you’re cooking. Combine the chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and butter in your saucepan over low heat, then turn it up to medium when you’re tired of waiting. Stir until melted and creamy. Add the marshmallow cream and then stir again. Fold in the Oreo cookie chunks gently. Pour into foil lined baking dish. Set aside. Combine the white chips, sweetened condensed milk and butter in another saucepan over low or medium heat, whatever you’re feeling. Stir until melted and creamy. Stir in the marshmallow cream and let cool for 2-3 minutes. Stir in sprinkles, it doesn’t matter how many because it’s Halloween and we can have all the treats we want. Pour over the chocolate layer. Top it all off with candy corn, eyeballs and anything else you can think of. Schedule a dentist appointment because you ate all the candy corn and this...

All About That Base

We’re all about that base and by base we mean TEXTURES! Creating and applying high quality textures changes the game in CGI. We've all seen images where a pattern is repeated over and over. Images that just don’t look good. The PIX-US process is one that focuses on creating beautiful, photo-realistic images and texture creation is just step one. We’ve proven that our process works time and time again. With the help of our clients we make the best textures possible. Collaborating on this one step ensures that we create the highest quality staying true to product reality.   So, what do we need to create textures? That depends on the product being created. Every situation is different so here are some examples: Product: Metal Light Fixture | Texture Creation: Small chip of metal material Product: Tile Flooring | Texture Creation: One piece of every pattern available Product: Upholstered Sofa | Fabric sample with one full pattern repeat (typically a yard) What if you already have textures and want to use them? Awesome! This is the case for a lot of clients and if you’ve had high resolution textures created, we may be able to use them. However, we can’t always use the digital files that others have created. If they aren’t high resolution, are uneven and can’t be tilled, or don’t meet the requirements listed above they won’t work for PIX-US images. In situations where you have usable files, we still will ask for a small sample of the product. Why are there so many parameters for texture creation? There are a lot of ways texture creation can go wrong and using bad textures results in things like uneven lighting, seams, and repeating patterns that can ruin a great image. We’ve worked hard to figure out the best and most efficient way to create textures, saving our clients time and shipping cost. This means that when we ask for a yard of fabric there’s a real reason!  If you’re looking to work with PIX-US, then you like the way our images look. Achieving this look on your project requires a close collaboration in everything including getting the right...

5 Places We Dream Of Going This Summer

1. To this colorful cafe in south Florida . . . 2. To this perfect patio in California  . . . 3. To this gorgeous North Carolina beach front rental  . . . 4. To this delicious wine and cheese tasting in Arizona . . . 5. To this fun summer pool in Colorado . . . If only we could, they are all computer generated!!  For help making your dream images come to life, please give us a call! And head to our social media pages to check out more of our summer inspired images....

Tile Week Recap

Last week our designer, Morgan, took over our social media! She spent the week going over all things tile. But if you missed it you’re in luck because we've put together a recap of everything that Morgan had to say. TUESDAY: MIMICKING ORGANICS Tuesday Morgan touched on different styles of tile and how they can be a great substitute for natural materials such as wood, granite, and metals. Of course these materials are very popular and have a great look but sometimes they require sealing and other maintenance where tile doesn’t. WEDNESDAY UNEXPECTED LOCATIONS Wednesday Morgan discussed how tile can be used outside of its traditional purpose. It can be used to add texture, color, and patterns to surfaces. She also showed us how tile can be a design tool even though “tile can often be an afterthought when planning a design project”. THURSDAY MIX & MATCH Thursday Morgan talked about using a tile mixture to break up grids and patterns. Using different sizes and colors can create a fun look that changes up the traditional look of tile. She also showed us an example of how different colored tiles can create shapes in an otherwise simple layout. ...

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