Props: 68,862 and counting

Props: 68,862 and counting

When creating images the first thing on everyone’s mind is their product, what are we trying to showcase and what is a beautiful way to do it? We use several techniques that help our images come to life including beautiful lighting, creative camera angles and props… lots and lots of props. 

We currently have 68,862 props in our library and that number increases almost every day. This means we have a wide variety of items on hand that can help us create different styles and spaces that compliment the scene. Whether it’s a commercial space, living area or exterior scene we create images that tell a story.

Without props an image just feels stiff. We like to help clients show their products in real-world settings. Our prop library contains everything from books, lamps and coffee pots to transport trucks and tractors, so we’re ready for whatever project comes our way. 

The process of creating an image is pretty in-depth. But one thing that’s amazing about PIX-US’ images is the collaboration with our talented artists, who use their skills to create wonderful images. Each project holds different challenges – working through them is the exciting part – and finding that special prop or accessory that makes an image special is the icing on the cake.

Give us a call and we can go over details for your next project!