Unique Product Images

Unique Product Images

CGI is great for creating photo-realistic images and it has a certain flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere. As you have seen a majority of what we create consists of room scenes, vignettes, and product silos. But as we have mentioned many times our process is completely customizable so we can easily adjust what we are creating based on our clients needs. And sometimes we get projects that are outside of room scenes and silos.

The “Informative” Images
How do you show off all of the information of your product through an image? While room scenes are great at showing how a product will look in a space it doesn’t always show the “why”- why your product will work better. This can be difficult to create through traditional methods especially if you don’t have an active work site where these products are being installed. And even then sometimes the part of the product you want to showcase is something the client wouldn’t be able to see even then.

With 3D models of your product we can take the product apart, literally, and show every aspect of your product inside and out. This is not only extremely informative but gives you the ability to be transparent about what your product has to offer (see what we did there?).

This is always such a unique take on images and shows off the information in a beautiful way!

The “Creative” Images
Another unique image type we don’t get to create very often is the “creative” image. That is honestly a silly way to describe them because all images we produce are creative but these are the more editorial images, the ones that might go on the front of a magazine or an eye-catching ad.

These images are all about aesthetics, they may not show your product in a realistic setting but they are beautiful and could be hung as artwork in the office. But just like our traditional room scenes these images are still photo-realistic and showcase a product beautifully.

While we truly love everything that we create these are images that we don’t get to highlight quite as often and we thought they deserved their own little moment of recognition.

To get started with your own project, no matter the type of image, send us a message.