You often hear of instances where life imitates art and vice versa. At PIX-US, we blend art and technology, but it’s no imitation game. Both facets of our business are authentically employed to create handcrafted computer-generated images (CGI) for use in print, web, and motion applications. Our images are photorealistic and beautiful.

What’s Art Got to Do With It?

In 2013, someone asked us this question, and we were taken aback because looking at CG images from an artistic perspective is second nature to us. When the question was posed, it turned out to be a defining moment in the foundation of PIX-US. Our visceral reaction helped us discern our identity. In CGI, we certainly use technology, but it’s not just numbers, math or science. It’s a combination of art and technology. Our staff of technologically savvy artists looks at every image, asking themselves not only if it’s technically accurate but also, “Is it beautiful?” It’s personal to all of us.

Reducing Our Footprint

Stunning, meticulously created images are just one of the reasons to choose CG over traditional photography. We save natural resources in the CG process, by reducing the need to ship large, heavy products that end up as waste along with the sets built for your project. And when you go on location it’s no better given the transportation, generators and craft service waste. We’re extremely proud of our program that recycles all unused pixels.

At the Heart of US

When we started PIX-US it was out of a love for photography and the fact that we wanted to be involved in the next step in the imaging industry. We want to create stunning marketing images — that’s why we look at the light, composition and the lens choice with such intensity when we create our CG renderings. We use the same photography vernacular and concepts that we use when creating photographs.

We imagined producing beautiful images when we started, and we’re fortunate to continue doing that. But now we are involved in things we didn’t imagine, like creating 1.2 million renders to allow a client to show every variation of their product line. There is just not any practical way you can do that as a conventional photography job. We are having discussions with clients about things we never imagined and are finding ways to produce work that goes beyond anything we dreamed of creating. We’re truly excited to be involved in such great projects with our clients, both the large ones and the small ones. While we still love photography we are also aware that CG-Imaging is not the future of product photo illustration, it’s the right now.

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Stewart Fortune
Managing Director/Partner

Stewart’s work life is one of contradictions. When asked to describe his personality, he says “not grumpy” with a look that lets you know it’s opposite day.” Yet he’s not the curmudgeon he makes himself out to be. The staff says Stewart is amazing to work with and that he remains humble despite “knowing so much about so many things.” Image building is not one of those things, but that’s okay; we have specialists for that. Where Stewart really excels is in business, relationship building and finding ways to connect with a diverse team. “We have an esprit de corps that comes through every project,” he says. “It’s exciting and enjoyable to be a part of.”

First Job: Dishwasher at IHOP. “I lasted three whole days!”

When he grows up: “I want to be a guitarist and ice hockey player who reads anything printed.”

Mark Wagoner
Creative Director/Partner

Mark takes work and its creation very seriously, but it’s clear he doesn’t take himself too seriously. The evidence is in how the staff responds to his leadership—a mix of awe and well-meaning ribbing. One team member says Mark’s a total hack as a photographer and nothing more than a schmuck! But the deeper truth about Mark lies in the fact that the team credits him with inspiring them to do work they never imagined they could do. “We are always learning and pushing the limits of our work, doing things we didn’t know last week,” says Mark, who helps set the overall tone, look and feel of the images.

First Job: “I worked for my dad’s company, Wagoner Electric, for 25 cents an hour.”

Off-the-Clock: “I enjoy playing percussion and sometimes the keyboard.”

Alison Greene
Post Production Artist

Alison is our Photoshop wiz kid. Whether she’s creating textures or color-matching products, it’s Alison’s work that puts the finishing touch on all of the images produced at PIX-US. The culture of continuous learning at PIX-US is what really stokes her fire. “I am always learning new techniques and getting new ideas to work on future projects,” she says. “Photoshop may be my general strength, but making selections and compositing have become what I’m best at.” Alison’s colleagues enjoy the “youthful exuberance” she brings to work every day and her uncanny ability to stay calm under pressure.

First Job: Hostess at The Cutting Board

Off-the-Clock: I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and family, working on my personal photography skills and doing projects.

Eileen Heilsnis
CG Artist

“Ultimately, I like creating pretty pictures,” says Eileen Heilsnis. “That’s what I left the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) looking for.” And we certainly think PIX-US is the perfect place for her to do just that. After growing up in Cary, N.C., studying in Georgia at SCAD and working as a development artist in Dallas, Eileen wanted to return to her home state to be closer to family.

First Job: In college, Eileen worked with other students on an animation explaining the purpose of NASA’s ICE-Sat 2 satellite.

Off-the-Clock: “I recently got back into gaming, and the PS4 is my No. 1 love. I also enjoy watching movies, hiking and exploring the outdoors.”

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