CGI and Composites

CGI and Composites

PIX-US is known for our creation of custom CG images. This usually involves designing and building a whole scene from scratch. But sometimes we have a client that wants something a little different. When we say the possibilities are endless we truly mean it, because we don’t just build images from scratch or re-purpose CG images we can also create image composites, combining CGI and existing images. 

For example in this photo we created a custom room scene but used photography to incorporate talent.

In this image our client had a pre-existing image that they wanted to re-use and put a new product into.

We know that CGI is an investment (well worth it in our very non-biased opinion!) and sometimes what our clients want/ need isn’t a full CG image. That doesn’t mean CG isn’t useful. 

The biggest benefit when we composite images is getting extended usage out of existing photography by doing things like adding in product using CGI and making it blend seamlessly into the image. This keeps you from trying to re-build and match a physical photography set to something done before (which we all know is next to impossible), or having to rent a location, and hire talent and crew for a second time. 

CGI is great for pretty much everything and  there aren’t too many instances where we would not recommend it. Projects tends to go more smoothly when we get to control the quality from the very first pixel. At the same time, our goal is to create images that meet your needs and sometimes we need to get creative using CGI in tandem with pre-existing images.

Unfortunately there isn’t QUITE as much flexibility when it comes to composites. Sometimes the outcome just isn’t possible, and even if it was it might not be up to the quality and standard that we hold ourselves to. We want to give you the best possible outcome on every project. 

Regardless of what kind of images needed PIX-US is here to help. We customize our process to each client AND each project! Email us to schedule a call and we will get started right away.