Why you should be adding detail images to your next project

Why you should be adding detail images to your next project

When creating a shot list it’s important to think through different types of imagery. You need to consider the end use to determine the best path forward. In a single project we can have animations, hero images, vignettes, details, silos and more. Detail images don’t make the list as often as they should. They’re simple but make a huge impact for consumers.

The first and number one way we see a detail image used is to highlight the physical attributes of a product. Whether it’s showing texture, color, pattern, depth, or reflectivity; a detail will illustrate exactly how your product looks and help the consumer to understand what they’re purchasing in a way that hero images cannot. When we talk about details we don’t just mean cropping in on your hero image. Sometimes that works but a truly successful detail will have well thought lighting and camera placement to help show off the attributes listed above.

Hero images give your product a purpose and a place. They are often aspirational images used to help the consumer see themselves using/owning the product. Details do not serve that purpose. A detail keeps things simple and helps the consumer focus on what’s important, your product. Cropping tightly and using depth of field help keep ones eyes on the product and minimize other distractions in the scene.

Finally details help support other images. There is a time and place for all of the content types we’ve listed and when used together you can create the largest impact for your consumers. Details can continue the visual journey and help provide additional information. If you’re planning a project with hero images get the most out of the space by adding supporting details.

Detail images are great for packaging, social media, supporting web images and more. How can we help get your next project rolling?

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