Quick Turnaround Projects

Quick Turnaround Projects

Sometimes projects can sneak up on us. Whether it’s a last minute change of plans or an unexpected deadline we’ve had plenty of clients reach out to us asking for quick-turnaround projects. While it is a lot less stressful (for us and you) to have plenty of time between the start of a project and the deadline it doesn’t always work out like that.

So if you find yourself in this situation and you need an image ASAP here’s a little checklist to help you start off on the right foot and maybe save you a bit of time. 

Concept and Design Inspirations

As simple as a few inspiration images and notes on the ideal image, or a full blown design brief this becomes our roadmap. Depending on the complexity of your project we have designers who can create a full design brief for you, but it isn’t always  necessary – especially if you only need a simple silo or vignette.

Shot List

Hand-in-hand with your concept and design inspiration we need a clear understanding of how many images we need to create and what products are expected to be in those images.

Product Specs and Models

For us to get your image(s) to you as quickly as possible we need to limit the number of changes. Translation: we need all of the information about your product including measurements, color (RGBs or digital samples are best for quick-turnaround), any specific installation notes and CAD files or 3d models. This gives us a great head start on getting the image as close to perfect on the first round.


This may seem a bit self-explanatory but we need to know when the hard cut-off date is for you to print, post, etc. This helps us set internal deadlines and lets us get a plan in place early on so we can allow time for any issues that may arise. Plus it helps us support you in getting things out the door.

Quick turnaround projects can be chaotic. Unfortunately we sometimes have to say no because it’s just not physically possible. Our computers need time to render and our artists need time to do what they do best! But, we’ll do everything in our power to get your images to you by your deadline. And the great part about CGI for fast projects is that there is no location scouting, no travel time, and no crew to gather.