Are you a priority with your current image vendor?

Are you a priority with your current image vendor?

After attending the IBS and KBIS shows in Las Vegas recently, a recurring theme caught our attention. Many professionals expressed common frustrations with their current CGI vendors – missed deadlines, subpar quality, a lack of adherence to direction, incomplete image submissions, and a perceived lack of project prioritization. It’s disheartening to learn that our industry isn’t consistently meeting the high standards these exceptional companies are accustomed to. PIX-US is different. While we won’t claim to be immune to occasional hiccups, on either end, we commit to proactive communication, helping you plan for project timelines, and dedicating our efforts to ensuring your success.

Here are a few steps we take to make sure your project goes smoothly:


This is when we really get to sit down with you and go over your goals, timeline, and details of the project. Usually we try to collect as much information as possible to get us a good head start. This often looks like collecting models or planning for model creation, going over/ creating moodboards and design boards, and making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the project overall.

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During the course of a project there are of course going to be things that come up. Whether this is basic product questions or an issue that we need to collaborate on to solve. As mentioned above we work hard to be as proactive as possible when it comes to communication, this means we may need to check in and get your approval before moving forward with certain steps in the project. We do this to ensure we are portraying your product accurately and with the proper implementation. This is where we need the most cooperation from our clients, and usually the step that makes or breaks the deadline. You know your product best, so your guidance is essential in getting the accurate and timely outcome of the final image(s).


Okay now we are really starting to get into the good stuff, this is when you really get to see the project take shape, literally. Depending on the type of project we are creating you will get some sort of proof, this can look like a white block of your product silo, a low res beauty image, or maybe even a full beauty image with post. This can really vary depending on the timeline and overall scope of a project. This is when you can take the proof, pass it between your team and get comments, questions, and approvals. The best way to continue smooth and effective communication is to keep all comments and changes in one place, this gives our team a chance to re-visit those comments and know that we have made note of everything. When comments come in through different avenues it can be difficult for us to keep up with them all, which ultimately leads to slip ups or missed information.


Another thing we pride ourselves on is photo-realism. We hold all of our projects to a certain standard, we will not deliver something as final that does not hold up to that. We have multiple team members that review each image so we can create an image that meets our standards. The thing that sets us apart is that we work with our clients and use your product knowledge to help us review the work so that we create images that are not only beautiful, but accurate.

Ultimately every client and every project will be different in the way the it is handled, but that is what makes our process so special. Because we curate our process to the individual client (and maybe even individual project if needed) we have the flexibility to work into your schedule and systems so that working with us is as easy as working with a member of your own team. It is our job to work with you in whatever way we can to get these images to you so that you can succeed.

CGI is truly an amazing tool that has been changing the way that the industry creates marketing images, and we are here to set the standard of what working with CGI should be like. If you have been curious about CGI or maybe were unhappy with your previous experiences, let us know! We would love to talk with you about how we can make CGI work for you and actually make it worth your time.