August 2019

All About That Base

We’re all about that base and by base we mean TEXTURES! Creating and applying high quality textures changes the game in CGI. We've all seen images where a pattern is repeated over and over. Images that just don’t look good. The PIX-US process is one that focuses on creating beautiful, photo-realistic images and texture creation is just step one. We’ve proven that our process works time and time again. With the help of our clients we make the best textures possible. Collaborating on this one step ensures that we create the highest quality staying true to product reality.   So, what do we need to create textures? That depends on the product being created. Every situation is different so here are some examples: Product: Metal Light Fixture | Texture Creation: Small chip of metal material Product: Tile Flooring | Texture Creation: One piece of every pattern available Product: Upholstered Sofa | Fabric sample with one full pattern repeat (typically a yard) What if you already have textures and want to use them? Awesome! This is the case for a lot of clients and if you’ve had high resolution textures created, we may be able to use them. However, we can’t always use the digital files that others have created. If they aren’t high resolution, are uneven and can’t be tilled, or don’t meet the requirements listed above they won’t work for PIX-US images. In situations where you have usable files, we still will ask for a small sample of the product. Why are there so many parameters for texture creation? There are a lot of ways texture creation can go wrong and using bad textures results in things like uneven lighting, seams, and repeating patterns that can ruin a great image. We’ve worked hard to figure out the best and most efficient way to create textures, saving our clients time and shipping cost. This means that when we ask for a yard of fabric there’s a real reason!  If you’re looking to work with PIX-US, then you like the way our images look. Achieving this look on your project requires a close collaboration in everything including getting the right...

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