Bulk Silo Production

Bulk Silo Production

We spend a lot of time sharing our custom scenes and visualization tools with you, but there is one project type that doesn’t often get the spotlight it deserves. 

Well executed product silos can quickly change the perception of your brand and elevate your marketing. CGI is the best way to handle these projects, and with a little organization they’re really straight forward. 

SO…. why is CGI the best?  

Consistency: Following a style guide and having consistent content for marketing separates the brands that are well known from those who aren’t. This rule applies to everything you create including your simplest product silos. CGI allows us to set a “stage” for each of your product lines with the perfect lighting, camera angle, and unique adjustments for different finishes. We can then swap through your product models with precision and insure that everything will render seamlessly.

Efficiency: In addition to the technical advantages of CGI, you’ll begin to see efficiencies as we start to learn your brand and what you like. On our first project you should expect a little back and forth as we perfect the style guide; once its set you’ll begin approving images on the first round and beat your deadlines. 

New Product Launches: Adding to the points above, CGI plays a major advantage when you need to add product. It really doesn’t matter if you’re adding two products or two hundred. We go back to the “stage” mentioned before and add your new models. When those render they will come out looking just like the original set of product silos created. 

Pre-Launch/Less Physical Product: The last thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing CGI for your product silos is that you don’t need the products on hand. This comes in handy when you are trying to get ahead but haven’t manufactured the product yet or when there are just a lot of SKUs. We won’t need to have everything on hand for CGI, just a product model, finish sample and sometimes a reference image or two. 

Are you looking to create seamless product images that fit your brand perfectly or maybe looking for ways to simplify your workflow? Let’s Talk!