Tile Week Recap

Tile Week Recap

Last week our designer, Morgan, took over our social media! She spent the week going over all things tile. But if you missed it you’re in luck because we’ve put together a recap of everything that Morgan had to say.


Tuesday Morgan touched on different styles of tile and how they can be a great substitute for natural materials such as wood, granite, and metals. Of course these materials are very popular and have a great look but sometimes they require sealing and other maintenance where tile doesn’t.



Wednesday Morgan discussed how tile can be used outside of its traditional purpose. It can be used to add texture, color, and patterns to surfaces. She also showed us how tile can be a design tool even though “tile can often be an afterthought when planning a design project”.



Thursday Morgan talked about using a tile mixture to break up grids and patterns. Using different sizes and colors can create a fun look that changes up the traditional look of tile. She also showed us an example of how different colored tiles can create shapes in an otherwise simple layout.