New and Noteworthy: AI in Marketing

New and Noteworthy: AI in Marketing

CGI and AI technology are transforming today’s marketing environments. In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, the use of CGI and AI technology is becoming increasingly commonplace. With the rise of new and improved technologies, creative teams are able to craft more immersive and effective campaigns that target their desired demographic with greater precision and accuracy.

So accurate, in fact, that that intro paragraph was generated using an AI chat program freely available online.

PIX-US is a company that uses technology and art cohesively and AI created art is an interesting topic to discuss. While it’s amazing to see how new technologies can expand the ability of human creativity it’s important to recognize the importance of artists and what they do.

AI websites pull images from all over the internet and use them to create new images that fit whatever prompt is given. For example if we hypothetically typed in “miniature cow surfing in the style of Monet” we might (hypothetically) get something like this (hint, hint – we did!):

While these tools are fun and can be used for hours of entertainment, when taken into a more real-life approach it becomes more serious. Not only is this tool using real artists’ work (scraped from various sources on the internet) it’s creating images that are so similar to the original it could be cause for issue. Some independent artists have already taken to legal action, filing a copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that the artists’ copyright was violated when these art generators trained their software using billions of images found on the internet that included copyrighted works created by the artists. And while some people think that there is a good argument for fair use, we are not here to get into the legal jumble of it all.

AI has become a fascinating subject that will continue to develop much like the use of CGI. While there are still so many unknowns when it comes to AI and the potential risks that may come along with using images produced from these generators it’s amazing to see what technology is capable of. It also lends its hand to many ethical questions- is this harmful to the art community and independent artists? How should AI art be used, or should it be used at all?

While AI generators and websites may be convenient and fun we think it’s important to stick to the experts, AI is amazing but is still new and limited in its capabilities. The results produced using these new technologies are going to be randomized and will rarely be exactly what you want. When you find an independent artist or studio that creates images and content that you want you have more control over the outcome. There is also a huge perk of being able to talk to someone and communicate what you want instead of hoping you type the correct prompts into an AI engine. We are looking forward to seeing how this technology develops over time and how it effects the way we create art.