Image Re-Purposing: Product Swaps

Image Re-Purposing: Product Swaps

We’ve often talked about the benefits of image repurposing but one option that we haven’t focused on is the ability to swap products within a scene. This is essentially a simplified version of repurposing. Typically lighting, camera and base image stay the same (with minor tweaks if necessary) and only the product is changed.

This is a great option for:
-Introducing new products
-Product updates
-Showcasing different finishes/ colors
-Showcasing the differences in your products in the same scene

It keeps your website and social media cohesive, whether it’s a new product you want to showcase beside an existing one or you love your current artwork but the product has been updated. This is also a great alternative for visualizers as it gives you the ability to showcase multiple products within the same scene so your customers can compare. And it’s a big step above simple product silos.

And if you have never created an image with us but love the idea of having one image with multiple product swaps we can create a custom image or use a set from our design studio to create something perfect for your product.

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