The Importance of Post-Production

The Importance of Post-Production

Creating images is such a fun process we often share behind-the-scenes looks from our Design Team and CG Artists. There’s one more important step that really makes a difference in our process: post-production!

“Post” production is a bit of a deceiving name because it can actually start before the image is created. When texture creation is needed our Post Production Artists get to work making sure the textures we use are high quality, tileable and evenly lit. This helps the product transition smoothly into the CG scene. Another step in pre-production is color management, ensuring that the texture created is an exact match to your product.

Once we’ve sourced textures our CG team takes the lead, building, lighting and choosing the perfect camera angle to feature your product. Before you see your image our Post Production Artists add a variety of finishing touches to every scene. A few of the things covered include lighting enhancement, color management, retouching, compositing talent and adding imperfections.

In a physical setting Post Production Artists would typically remove any imperfections in an image, but CGI can sometimes be too perfect. Taking the time to “fluff” a cushion, add a bit of lens flare to a window, and even add “dirt” to an exterior can go really far. Post Production is how we go from beautiful render to photographic quality in our images.

“Post” is also great for making quick and simple changes when re-rendering isn’t necessary. This helps us meet deadlines and keeps you ahead of schedule. Overall post-production is the nice “cherry on top”. It adds that little bit of pop we love that completes an image.

Attention to these details when creating photo-realistic content is what our Post Production Artists do best!

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