The Value of a Vignette

The Value of a Vignette

Let’s have a quick chat about room scenes and vignettes. While room scenes are our ULTIMATE favorite to create we want to talk about what vignettes can bring to the table when used in combination with room scenes. Because they may be more important than you realize.

Of course each of these on their own are super effective, but when they are put together, man talk about a dream team!

Not only are vignettes beautiful, they are a wonderful way to showcase your product. Sometimes customers want to get up close and personal with their potential purchase. And this is the perfect way to showcase things that may not be fully appreciated in a room scene. Things like the texture and the small details that truly make that product unique.

But really there is much more to a vignette than the crop of your image, we have techniques to showcase your product in a way that give your customer more detail while maintaining a beautiful photorealistic image. This includes things like:

-Camera placement and framing that can give a greater impact of color and depth of materials
-Adding appropriate props that give your customer a reference for the size and scale of the product
-Raking the light across the product to show what the reflections and details will look like in different lighting scenarios

While room scenes give a context for how a product will fit into a space vignettes might be the addition to your marketing campaign that you didn’t know you were missing.

And don’t worry this doesn’t just apply to new projects, if you have created a room scene with us and want to go back and add on a vignette we can do that no problem (and we don’t have to rebuild a set).