Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Time of Day

Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Time of Day

Surprise! We were going to stop at just two parts, but we have so many tips and tricks that we thought we would keep it going and add another one!

We discussed seasons and location and how they can add interest to an image. Showcasing your product in a different environment just gives your customer a little more information about your product than a traditional studio image.

Something else that can accomplish this is using different types of lighting. Using different times of day is an awesome way to show what your product looks like in different types of light and gives you a stand-out image!

Creating interesting images is what we do! Let us know when you want to get started, give us a call.

How you can use these images: Something we have had a few clients do is use these side by side with bright sunny day image- it’s the best of both worlds.