Texture Creation

Texture Creation

Recently we published a newsletter called “The Importance of Post Production” that discussed the different roles our post-production team plays throughout our workflow.

One of the things we mentioned was texture creation. This is a really interesting process that is important for achieving a great result in the final image. We take this very seriously. Our textures are always approved by multiple people before being sent on to the next process step.

Of course the term “texture creation” doesn’t really encompass a single task. We can create textures in house, work with a scan vendor or, if our clients already have files on hand, use those as well. Every item in an image needs a texture from flooring to tiles, counter tops to upholstery fabric. We’re careful with them all – especially those specific to client products.

To break it down there are really two main components of our texture creation process:

1.Texture quality: Ensuring the texture is high-res, evenly lit, and can be tiled almost seamlessly

2. Color management: Matching the digital texture to the physical product so that it is as accurate as possible

These two steps give us the most accurate representation of a product possible. Our CGI team then takes the texture and applies it to the appropriate surface in the image. Overall texture creation is just a small piece of a much larger process but it is an important one. It’s the ground work which our images are built on.

Here is a very brief overview of our process: